Terry Regier

Professor, Linguistics and Cognitive Science
Director, Cognitive Science Program

For inquiries about entry to Cognitive Science 1B or 190 in Fall 2017, please contact the Cognitive Science academic advisors.

Email: firstname dot lastname at berkeley dot edu
Office: Dwinelle 1221 (office hours M 10-12)
Lab: Evans 553-555

My research investigates the relation of language and cognition, through computational methods, behavioral experiments, and cross-language semantic data. I seek to understand why semantic categories vary across languages in the ways they do, and what that cross-language variation reveals about the mind and about communication. My work is centered in the Language and Cognition Lab, which I direct. Here is a recent CV.

Some representative publications:

Terry Regier and Yang Xu (2017). The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis and inference under uncertainty. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science, e1440. [Preprint]

Terry Regier, Alexandra Carstensen, and Charles Kemp (2016). Languages support efficient communication about the environment: Words for snow revisited. PLOS ONE 11(4): e0151138.

Yang Xu, Terry Regier, and Barbara C. Malt (2016). Historical semantic chaining and efficient communication: The case of container names. Cognitive Science, 40, 2081-2094. [Supplementary material]

Terry Regier, Charles Kemp, and Paul Kay (2015). Word meanings across languages support efficient communication. In B. MacWhinney & W. O'Grady (Eds.), The handbook of language emergence (pp. 237-263). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell.

Terry Regier, Naveen Khetarpal, and Asifa Majid (2013). Inferring semantic maps. Linguistic Typology, 17, 89-105. [Preprint] [Supplementary material]

Charles Kemp and Terry Regier (2012). Kinship categories across languages reflect general communicative principles. Science, 336, 1049-1054. [Preprint] [Commentary by S. Levinson] [Supplementary material] [Project page] [FAQ]