Terry Regier

Professor, Linguistics and Cognitive Science
Co-director, Institute of Cognitive and Brain Sciences

For students interested in taking Linguistics / Cognitive Science C142 in Spring 2021: This is a cross-listed class, with a Linguistics half and a Cognitive Science half. Priority enrollment is given to students who are declared majors in Linguistics (for the Linguistics half) or Cognitive Science (for the Cognitive Science half), and who have junior or senior standing. Students who are not in these prioritized categories will be placed on the waitlist, if there is room. Any unclaimed seats will be released to waitlisted students during the adjustment period at the beginning of spring semester.

Email: firstname dot lastname at berkeley dot edu
Office hours: By appointment, by Zoom - please email me to set up a time.
Lab: Evans 559

My research investigates the relation of language and cognition, through computational principles, cross-language semantic data, and behavioral experiments. I seek to understand why semantic categories vary across languages in the ways they do, and what that cross-language variation reveals about the mind and about communication. My work is centered in the Language and Cognition Lab.

Here are publications, and a recent CV.